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Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold

Are you wondering why colors for my title? Well, it is the colors in one of my friends wedding. Yup…Shane and Carrie Russell….It’s that TIME…time to share photos from a very emotional, loving and fun wedding. I am going to break this post into 2 different ones. First, the details then I will share photos of the bride and groom documenting their day.

Carrie went to Ikea to get these black lanterns. And since Carrie LOVES the fall weather she collected leaves and put them inside with a simple white candle.

They had a Wishing Tree. As people came in they stopped by the Wishing Tree to give Carrie and Shane encouraging words. That they would later read. Love this idea!


ShaneandCarrie 1746


They incorporated some of their favorite drinks

Loved the whole spread of Snacks
Carrie and Shane each had their own cupcake. How adorable is this!


A Big Thank you:
Jessica Burn – Elegant Made Easy
One Accord – Media City Church
Danielle Hewitt – Cupcakes
Media City Church – Location

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