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Stephanie + Dallas | Oregon Coast, Hug Point | Elopement Photographer

Photographing Stephanie and Dallas at the Oregon Coast at Hug Point was a dream. The lavish forest and oregon coast are a perfect setting for any elopement. I have only dreamed of visiting the Oregon Coast scouring Instagram for hours seeing all the beautiful spots that photographers capture beautiful couples in. And when I found out about the Let’s Go Workshop and that it was located in the Oregon Coast I mean I wanted to sign up right then and there! But, I was having a baby and well she was just going to be a few months old who knew what my circumstances were going to be then. So literally a couple weeks before the workshop was about to start I emailed them and asked if they happen to have any openings. Come to find out there was a gal that was unable to attend and so I asked the hubby he said yes he could make it work. I was OFF! Good thing I snatched it up cause 1 hour later another person said yes to that spot. YIKES. I definitely think that God knew I needed to go to this workshop.

Guys If you want to learn some new skills, grow in your business, or even just meet some really AWESOME people you need to sign up for this Workshop! It was the best experience I could ask for. All of the mentors Grace and Jaden, Don+Helen, Jacob Loafman, Andrew Funderburg, Dallas and Sabrina, and Catalina Jean Thank you for putting yourselves into this workshop, thank you for making it AWESOME, thank you for helping me grow in the direction I dream about! I’m ready to conquer this!

A shout-out to the super FAB sponsors:

Tribe Red Leaf     Tribe Archipelago     Fundy Designer    Flothemes    QTAlbums    Shoot Proof     Scout Books
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A Big thank you to all the amazing vendors who made the shoots more glamorous!

Venue: www.vacationrentalsmanzanita.com
Hair and Makeup:  www.austieeckley.com and www.ilonak.net 
Gown and Headpiece: www.ladyevelyn.co.uk
Florals: www.hartfloraldesign.com


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