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Letter of Recommendation from David and Cristinia Morales

My husband and I were married on February 29, 2008 and went with Amy Kolcz for our wedding photographer. Not only was she professional but she anticipated our needs during the whole process. Everyone knows that when you get married there are so many factors that can be surprising on your special day and Amy was well prepared when the day came. She helped us in our decisions about the location to take our photos and did her homework before hand. She visited the park in advance, knew what her shots were going to be and had a loose outline that allowed for us to be spontaneous as well. When we arrived on the day, there were no surprises and the process went very smoothly. She was amazing with our families, especially when some of them were emotional and excited on such a day. She was firm and in control without feeling bossy. Her assistant was also a joy to have around our families and the two of them worked in unison. After the special day, she kept us informed about how the process was going and gave us sneak peeks at some of the photos before she had finished. She was always available for questions by email and phone and always called us back within 24 hours. I felt extremely confident in her organization and professionalism.
Aside from all the technical qualities that Amy possesses, even more so she is artistically talented. We didn’t want the typical wedding photos that you see time after time where families line up to take photos and move on to the next pose. We wanted someone to catch our “moments.” We appreciate the art of photography and were hoping for photos that could be beautiful beyond the genre of “wedding pictures.” Amy did all of that and more. She has an amazing eye to take something or ordinary and make it beautiful and more meaningful. The angles she uses, artsy and abstract also, evoke emotion when you see her photos. When we saw her portfolio for the first time, my husband and I were knew that she was the right person for us. Her passion for photography was obvious from the first moment we met with her. We knew she was so excited to do our wedding and we did not get that feeling from other photographers when were anxious to fit us in with all the other weddings we were doing. With them we felt that we were just another job and a date in their mind, but with Amy…we were two people in love that were getting married for the first time and she was an artist that was going to express the love we had for each other through her artwork.
These photos are going to be all that was left after the night was over. We’d have to look at them our whole life. The investment was nothing compared to the lifetime of memories they would evoke. We are so glad we went with Amy. My whole family is grateful for these photos. They are by far the most beautiful photos in our family. We will cherish them for generations to come. I know that anyone who chooses Amy Kolcz for their wedding will feel the same way. I feel so grateful to have met her in time for my wedding. She stands about most in her industry and has earned a great reputation.
Thank you,
Cristina Morales

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