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Just thinking…

The sun is shinning and the wind is blowing….as I sit in my room looking outside through the rectangular shaped windows I see people playing at the Sandpiper Golf Course wondering how in the world do they swing the club at the ball and expect it to be straight…I laugh to myself because I just think if I were to play I would be so frustrated and not get very far at all. hahaha. 
I am not feeling very well today. Trying to get myself excited for this weekends photo shoot is hard because of my head. I am praying that God will heal me before this weekend so that I can focus on what I need to accomplish.
Today I pick up Isabella and Parker around 2:55 I usually walk to the school with the two dogs Cooper and Pumpkin. They are quite funny little ones. Cooper for some reason likes to just STOP when you walk him it is the most annoying thing EVER!!!! But Pumpkin on the other hand is one to run with you and her energy NEVER runs out… haha… I wish that I had her energy all the time. Man that would be Awesome!
Well got to get walkin. Hope everyone has a Wonderful Day Today!
And just because Everyone loves to see a picture….here you go 🙂


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