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When I am Wondering…

Whenever I am wondering where my life is going God always seems to bring me back and remind me that He is by my side. Tonight was one of those nights. I was driving up to Santa Barbara today to see the family I used to Parent Assist for and I was so excited because it has been awhile. I first stopped in Ventura to watch Anthony play his last football game of the season. And after the game the sun was setting and the sky was absolutely gorgeous! Bright Oranges and Pinks. Then all of a sudden there was a rainbow. I so wish that I had a different lens on my camera because this rainbow was so big and was going all the way around.
This was the time where I was just soaking in the moment and just remembering that God is walking right beside me. I may see myself as in what am I thinking! But God knows Exactly where I am suppose to be. And I am TRUSTING in HIM EVERYDAY!



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