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What Are We Expecting In Late October!

We are expecting a BABY GIRL!

We are just thrilled to one day hold the her in our arms. But in the mean time I have been enjoying being pregnant and feeling her move all around. I am 18 weeks since yesterday and I have to say that besides the first trimester it has been going well. My favorite part is going to the doctors and seeing her move all around and hearing her heart beat. I can’t believe that I am a mom-to-be. I feel so blessed to have our family growing into 3 🙂

So yup that is why I have been terrible at posting on my blog. I have lots to show so I really need to get on it. I will now 🙂

It has been so nice. My parents came for a visit a little while ago and just to have them here. Lots of talking to the baby and the most special moment happened too. On Mother’s Day Josh, Mom and Dad got to feel the baby kick. I will never forget it!

Since my parents were here they took some photos for me so I could use them for this moment. Sorry about the last one. Dad it is out of focus but you did a good job. Thanks for capturing these special moments 😉



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  • Shaina Cochran - I love the photos of my adorable niece in your little baby bump! You are going to be the best mommy and she is going to be so blessed. Love you sis.ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Penny - Congratulations to you and Josh. We are excited for you. A little girl. Nice. We are enjoying our 3 little Great- Granddaughters so much. Love you.ReplyCancel

  • Heather Lemmon - Congrats Amy! You look beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Gayle - grandma and I are loving your pictures, beautiful pregnant Amy. Enjoyed the little stone, think how many stories you will make.
    God Bless:)ReplyCancel

  • sue wheelock - A little girl! I’m exited for you!ReplyCancel

  • Jill Kolcz - that’s our girl!!ReplyCancel

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