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Visiting With My Friend

As I have been saying for the last few post my friend Kara came to visit me here in California. I know I know I just can’t help myself but to talk about it. It was just so nice to have her here with me! She told me that she had not been to California in a very very long time. So we took a few trips and did a TON of walking….haha….we were always tired by the end of the day.

As soon as she arrived she flew into LAX so I had to take her to the Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade. I was really bummed that it was so foggy out. It was actually a light mist because of the thick fog. She didn’t get to see the ocean very well at all. :(


We walked around Third Street. And she got to see some street shows. We were in love with the doggie…he was so cute just laying there with his head down.


The following day we went to the L.A. Zoo. It was a very hot day. But we enjoyed walking some more and seeing all the different animals.
I don’t know why but I really love Rhinoceros. I just think he is so cool looking so we had to get a picture with him.

I didn’t know this when we went but Kara had never seen Pink Flamingos in person. Usually they are very smelly. But that day they were not to bad so we hung around and watched them for a little. We had someone take our photo and in exchange we took theirs.

This picture is from our little Trolley ride at The Americana at Brand. I love going there just to walk around.

As you can see from the posts from before we also went to Downtown L.A. so that she could experience that. And to the Fashion District for a little bit. She said that it is overwhelming I just smiled and said that is what every person says their first time. 🙂
We also went to a Corn maze and had bqq pork sandwiches and I had two shave ice. I loved them! Oh so yummy!!!!

Sorry the quality of the photos are not as good. They were taken with my point and shoot camera.

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