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Visiting Family | Pike Place, Seattle Washington

A few weeks after I found out I was preggers my younger sis told me that she was having another baby. I was so excited that we would be pregnant together. Then my older sis got knocked up too! It has been such an memorable year having us all be pregnant together. But hard at the same time cause we all live in different states. Now that all the cousins are here we made a quick trip up to my old home town Washington to meet Bentley Zion.

He is just the cutest little man. Well I say little even though he is a month younger then Hayley and weighs more then her haha. Got to love those Cochran boys.

We head to Seattle for a day to hang out downtown. And meet up with extended family. It was so nice to see everyone. And it was a beautiful day out. First day that my husband has gone that it wasn’t raining! That is a PLUS!


Josh’s brother Matt took this picture of Connor. I just love it! He is so cute

Hayley sleeping in the car seat. She loves the blankets right on her face.

The Cochran boys. We love them so much!

My beautiful sis and her boys


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  • Jill Kolcz - Of course Hayley has to sleep with blankets all around her. Maybe I should post pictures of Mommy Amy Stone sleeping! LOL!
    So thankful you all were able to spend some time together!ReplyCancel

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