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The Perfect Subject For My Sister

This past week or so I have been re-organizing everything around my desk. Melissa did an amazing job helping me when I used to live with her. But through the many moves and having things tossed around. Things have gotten out of control! So I just wanted to share my little organized office space. Plus I told Melissa that I would to…I had to show off my skill….and show her that I can do it by myself 🙂

I also would like to say Happy Birthday to my eldest sister Melissa….haha eldest that is so funny to me. She turned the BIG 30 Today…So wishing that I could be spending the day with her. But I know that she is surrounded by people that love her 🙂 She is one of the people in my life that keep me going. Melissa believes in me so much sometimes I just don’t understand how she does when I doubt myself. Whenever I need to be encouraged I can count on calling her and having her lift me up.

Thank you Melissa for your inspiring words they mean so much to me. I love you SO MUCH! Happy Birthday!

So here it starts……


This is some of my paper for scrapbooking and little stuff for other things.

Look…I organized my stickers…they are organized by holiday’s….so I didn’t realized how many I have….I think I need to get to my own scrapbooking myself.

Here is another picture of my sticker collection and my bin full of FUN STUFF!


My bottom shelf has all my paper’s. All separated by color of the card-stock then by Holiday’s then by collection. I am so proud of this because this makes it so much easier for me to find the paper that I need. The right picture is my top shelf full of all my goodies.


Here is a picture of my little desk nook. And on the right part of the shelf that is above it.


This is part of my inspiration wall. I am in LOVE with it. Helps me come up with ideas in how to photograph


Now that I am organized I am READY TO SUCCEED!!!!!

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