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Special Night

Yesterday Josh and I headed down to Riverside to go to the Mission Inn just to see the lights and have dinner. It was fun to get out and take a drive then walk around hand in hand. Just one of my favorite things to do. The light part was so beautiful. But we both wished that it was bigger. But now we can say that we have been. Checking that off the list 🙂
One of the best parts for me was that when we got our chips and salsa for dinner. We both took bites and at first I was like “these are good” But then after a few more chips Josh said “You know what it’s kinda like eating a salt lick” yup I was laughing for sure. Then I stopped eating them and as he was eating the chips he would tap the chip on the side of the container then he would eat it. I said “I really don’t think that is working” he said “it’s all in the head. I tap I think there is not as much salt, I eat then it taste fine” Oh the mind of my man just makes me laugh.



One of my favorite parts of the night. We set the camera up on the table on self-timer and took a picture of ourselves. It was so much fun!

I was in love with the white and pink palm trees. Just to cute!

Here we are…we ate at Las Campanas. Okay by the way the chips OMG Salty and Josh’s food was good but my fish tacos were salty too. The only thing I really enjoyed was my drink and the lime cheesecake that we got for free 😉


We ended the evening with a Carriage ride. I was totally loving it 🙂

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  • Jill - I'll have to say you two have the pose in front of camera down!Lovin all the lights, absolutely beautiful. WOW, the carriage has romance written all over it!! 🙂ReplyCancel

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