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Something I love: Wood Fence

Here is a little thing that I am going to start doing on my site. As I have said before I wanted to do other things then share photos from wedding’s, portrait shoots, engagement’s, or other things. I want all of you and clients to get to know ME. So I thought why not share something that I love. My goal is to share something I love every Thursday. When doing this I hope that it helps you get to know me. What I am thinking about. What I have been through. Something that a fond memory. Something that makes me laugh. Something that makes me cry. Something that I just Have to have. Something that I LOVE.

For my first Something I love: I chose a wood fence like this one. Why? Because it reminds me of my Grandma Kolcz. Who I will always love even though she is up in heaven rejoicing with Jesus. When I saw this fence this last weekend in Texas photographing the Wimberly’s wedding. I had to take a photo and share with you all. You see as I look as this fence I am reminded of the cows behind it. Picking of the sour apples. The uneven ground beneath my feet.

I will always love my Grandma’s house. Every time we went to go visit her we would have her canned tuna sandwiches. Honestly I would always be disgusted with the look of the tuna in the pantry with the oil and chunkiness of it. But having it made by my Grandma it tasted amazing! I could eat two of them. I will never forget her sweetness of words. Her sense of humor and that she crochet a blanket for all of us girls. I love these memories that I had with her. I hope you enjoy this first installment of Something I love. And I can’t wait until next Thursday to share another part of me with you.




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  • Don Kolcz - OK OK you got me….I really miss my MoM a great women. It is exactly what I first thought of when I was the picture, then I read the words….love you…and thanks…ReplyCancel

  • Jill Kolcz - I think that’s when I got hooked on lots and lots of dill pickles in my sandwiches:)….beautiful Thursday write up, Am!ReplyCancel

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