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Something I love | Pickled Dilly Beans

As I sat in the creaky wooden chair I picked the ends of hundreds of green beans. Snap…Snap I felt like it was always never ending. This is what we would do during the day. My sisters and I would gather around the table that my dad refinished preparing for the canning season. I some how wish now that I knew how to can food. Yes, mom I know I can learn easily. But it so much better and taste delicious when do it. I don’t know what it is but somethings are just better that way.

Growing up we had a pretty spectacular garden that my mom and dad built. (Wait a second us girls helped build it too.) So yes I am going to give us some credit. It was a Square Foot Garden. And I have to say it was super nice. To tell you the truth I really didn’t like going out and weeding the garden and picking the millions of blackberries we had. But now I am so thankful that my parents did have the garden. It actually makes me look forward to one day having a tiny one myself. It will for sure not be as big as the one we had. But I think I can grow a little green thumb for a small one.

One of my favorites things that we canned was my mom’s Pickled Dilly Beans. So when I saw this one at the antique store we went to in Spokane, Wa. I just had to get them. As soon as I heard the pop of the can opening I was instantly reminded of stuffing them in my mouth constantly as a child.


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