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Something I Love | Hi-Chew

Yesterday I was suppose to post something I love. But instead I finished out an engagement shoot. So today I am back with a new favorite of mine since last Saturday actually.

I have to thank Abi Q for getting me hooked on this pretty Spectacular candy! HI-CHEW!!!!!!

What is HI-CHEW you might ask…well…The soft and chewy candy was first released in Japan in 1975. And has made its way to the States. And I can’t believe I have never tried it before. The flavors are so yummy in your mouth. You can’t help but not eat one right after the other.

Where do you get them. We got them at the local 7-11 so if you are in need of something sweet make sure you check them out in the candy aisle. And a little something else. A hint from Abi herself. Make sure you get the ones in the bag. They taste different then the ones in the sticks.





Green Apple




Now that I am drooling. I need to head over to 7-11 to stock up 😉    ENJOY!


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