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Something I Love | Fall Time

As I climbed out of bed. I got super excited 1 because 2 of my cousins are coming to visit me from Washington! That’s a GREAT way to start the day. And 2 because it is cloudy. So that means I get to have both of our doors open to let the  cool breeze come in. It makes me so excited for fall to come. But one thing that I do truly enjoy is the warmer weather here in CA during this time. I really don’t miss the times of unfreezing the water buckets for the llamas. Or using my shivering hands to defrost the ice on the windows of the car. Yes I will take the 70 degree weather any day.

Another thing I am so looking forward to is the Fall TV Line up. There are some new shows that I can’t wait to see how they are like – Up All Night, Pan Am, New Girl, The X Factor. And you can’t forget some of my absolute FAVORITES like Parenthood, Modern Family, Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Chef: Just Desserts, and Castle. I am so thankful for my DVR that it is so smart to record my favorite shows for me so that I don’t have to remember what day and time they are on. Phew….that was a biggie.

On to another favorite the Holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas my two favorite Holidays of the year!

I get to fully enjoy a HOT cup of coffee in the morinings. I don’t have to now be dripping sweat when I sip down the steaming hotness of the first cup of coffee. I can now put my hands around the cup and snuggle up to the coffee goodness.

Those are just a couple things that I love about Fall. What are some of your favorites

Enjoy a little sneak peek of a Senior Session I did while in Washington. 

Seattle, WA - Senior Photos - Amy Stone Photography
? I would love to know 🙂


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