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Something I love | Coffee

I think I have always been a coffee girl. With every sip I take I have a feeling of home oh and yes and the yummy taste! I love my coffee in the morning and or afternoon. But even though I pretty much drink it everyday. I still can’t have it to late because it will keep me up all night. And that is never good because I am a girl that needs at least 6 hours of sleep.

What do I usually get? That depends where I am getting it from. Starbucks yes I do enjoy you but honestly I don’t think you are the best…can I even say that on the world wide web? Well, I guess I just did. If I had to choose I would go to Batdorf & Bronson and I would get myself a White Chocolate Mocha. Oh man I so wish we had this in California. That is one thing I miss about Washington is that you guys do know how to do coffee RIGHT!

So with that said I am a HUGE Coffee drinker and if you ever want to go I will pretty much always say YES!

I would love to know what your favorite coffee is. Let me know I always like trying new concoctions.



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  • Danielle - I’m actually a tea drinker, and a pretty picky one at that, but today I decided to try a coffee drink as I am want to do once every couple of months. Well, I now know what my go to coffee drink will be when I get the hankerin’! Soy cafĂ© misto, I love you!ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Reynolds - Hmmm, it depends on the day as to what I want the most. An all-time favorite coffee is a good mint mocha, but not too sweet! Yum. A little bit of caramel in a latte, mocha or macchiato is a great option too. Oh, let’s just say that any good coffee is amazing!

    And I’m glad you outed Starbucks as not being the best. I agree. I actually prefer some of the smaller roasters in Oly and B&B has been great as well. Ahhh, coffee is one of my favorite things… I could say way too much. Lol. (Plus I just went a MONTH without! Crazy, I know.)ReplyCancel

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