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Sister Time, Nephew Time, My Birthday!

I can’t believe that it is June already! Where has the time gone? One reason that I do love June is because it is my birthday in less then 6 days! And yes I am the type to celebrate it all month long so you can hate all you want but I will enjoy! 🙂

This morning as I laid in bed listening to the airplanes fly over our roof. All I could think about is that at 9:40 I will be picking up my sister and nephew from the airport. So of course I need to keep myself busy until then or else I will go a little crazy. What better way to waste a little time then to blog. Here I am typing away but my brain is having the hardest time staying focus on what to write. All I want to talk about how extremely EXCITED I AM!!!!

What to do, what to do…..Going for a run, washing the car, washing the dishes then getting ready. I think and hope that will be enough things to keep me occupied in the time being. What! Wait! I hear another airplane…..

Because a post is better with a photo. Here is my friends 2 year old. I just love this kid!



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