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Shaina’s Baby Shower

Well it has finally happened Shaina’s baby shower. It was a ton of fun and God gave us 80 degree weather for it. Wow! Thank you Lord cause it rained everyday since then.

I first want to thank everyone that helped with this shower I know it was really special for Shaina. She got a ton of stuff….. yes an hour and a half later the last present was opened….lol…
Thank you to the Sanderson’s for opening your beautiful home to us for the party.
Shaina you are a one hot prego chica 😉


Shaina made the cupcakes, Karissa frosted them and I made the “C” Sticks

We all helped eachother out making the Martha Stewart Pom Poms

I just had to post a picture of this little girl she is soooo cute



People did such an amazing job at decorating oneies for Connor to wear

Shaina had to pick one that she liked the most for a prize winner. It was tough for sure



Thank you again everyone for your help. I can’t tell you enough. 🙂
Oh man I don’t know sometimes I can go a little crazy with detail, detail, detail. But what can I say it looked AMAZING! Just makes me even more excited to see everything put together for the wedding….4 weeks and 5 days!!!!


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