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Rain…Rain….Go AWAY

We left Monday morning at 4:00am to be dropped off to the LAX airport by my parents to head to Belize. We had a 2 1/2 hour flight to Dallas, TX then a 2 1/2 hour flight to our final destination Belize. As we were flying over the ocean and seeing some small islands I was thinking I really hope that we get that beautiful weather. But then the rain clouds came and I was saying to Josh I really hope it is not like this the whole time. It was POURING out when we got there. After we landed we took a little charter plane to San Pedro, Belize about a 20 minute flight then a taxi ride to the docks to take a 15 minute boat ride to our location. It was definitely an adventure getting there.

Here is a photo of our captain of the boat ride to the resort. 

Needless to say God was on our side and blessed us with AMAZING weather for the rest of the week. 

THis is a photo of the little restaurant at our resort that we ate at. The food was oh so yummy. We always had the something for breakfast because…well…it was just that good. I got strawberry pancakes and Josh got a belizian breakfast.



We had some friends with us everyday. 



This is Las Terrazas beach view of where we stayed. I took advantage of the white lounge chairs and Josh took advantage of the one with the shade over it reading our books.



This is the middle of the resort.


We walked around in the backside of the resort and just saw some cool old looking things.


And More Friends….




I will end with this photo….it just cracks me up….We bought a GoPro camera and we were looking at it trying to figure out how it works. And ended up taking a photo. After we downloaded it and saw this we were laughing so hard.
It actually turned out cool with the lighting….lol….you never know what your going to get with this camera I kinda like that. 🙂



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  • Keeper of the Home... - Hey,
    Looks like you had the whole place all to yourself…well except your new "friends"…so funny the last picture – a keeper as it is just so serious…lol

  • Jill - OK, so the skinny lizard made me laugh just guessing how super fast it must be…and the bigger lizard(or whatever it is) looks like a mean grouch(like one of the "bad boys") The last pic made me LOL big time,so stinkin hilarious you guys!!! So happy to hear you had great weather…for the love-birds:)ReplyCancel

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