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Rain, Hot Chocolate, and Learning

It is about day 5 of constant rain in California now. I have to say it is way different having rain in California then Washington. I have because used to the constant sun or lack of rain here in CA. And well now I am just tired of the rain and really wishes it will stop. Here is to hoping tomorrows weather report is correct and no rain as they predict. 

Today is especially bad along with the rain is thunder storms. When I went to work this morning the sun was trying to peak out but then the gray clouds won over and  the water started to burst out. I have been inside my little house ever since I got back from work and been scouring the internet for learning materials. 

Like I have said before I think you can never stop learning so I have been taking the time to learn about Time Management, Product for clients, Where I want my business to grow, kinda just doing an over look on everything. One thing that I was reading that totally stuck out to me is, “You must make sacrifices in one area to achieve in another.” This is SO GOOD!

During these stormy days I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning. I really can’t wait for next year to see what it has in store for my business.

So grab a cup of Hot Chocolate don’t forget the whip cream and enjoy these last few days of 2010. And reminisce in what God has done in your life.

As I was reading I heard the rain pour down and I took a look out side and saw that it was just coming down our roof. EVERY WHERE IS FLOODED. 




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