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My 25th Birthday

Yesterday I turned 25. My boyfriend Josh took me to the Griffith Observatory and we had lunch at the little cafe. The Turkey Cranberry sandwich was yummy. Then we walked around and saw everything. Unfortunately it was sprinkling and cloudy outside so you couldn’t really get a fabulous view of the city. OMG I will never forget the long walk up the hill and back down because the sign said that the parking was full so we followed the cars and park so far away. But don’t listen to the sign we have learned because when we got up there there was so much parking..haha. My feet are definitely hurting me today.
After the Observatory we went and saw a movie then back to my place to wait for friends to show up to go to the Cheesecake Factory this is one of my favorite places to eat I was so excited all day to go. But when we got there it was an 80 minute wait…hahah…yeah I couldn’t wait that long. I was so bummed but it was okay they had a Grandville there so we went. I got my Tamato Bisque with Chicken Chipotle Sandwich. Then we all went back to the Cheesecake Factory to get a slice of cheesecake. Josh and I got the Banana Cream Cheesecake I highly recommend it it is SOOO GOOD!!!!! We took them back to my place to watch Top Gear and eat some cheescake. I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you to all for making it feel so special..And that goes to all Facebookers too 😉


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  • Jill - Sounds like soooo much fun…even the walk to the observatory! What great friends you have! God is so good to my Amy! You are the "BELOVED" one!ReplyCancel

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