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Mrs. Stone

As I have said before our wedding is all about small details….and in that yesterday I was at the Turnbows waiting for Josh to come back home for the manly help in some other detail making. I was sitting on the couch looking at wedding blogs which I do every single day. I was then reminded again of this WAY CUTE idea. A Hanger that say your future last name to hang your wedding dress on.
OK that is just AMAZING!!!!
So Kiira and I went to the hardware store and got ourselves some wire. Hey might as well do one more thing to make it special…lol…that’s what I was thinking.
I have to thank Kiira for making this for me. Seriously you are AMAZING! You did such a good job!

We looked it all up on the internet and found a DIY site check it out yourself 

I really just wanted to share this with everyone because not everyone will get to enjoy this small but special detail




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