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Missing Family….Having a Funky Day

Yesterday was a funky kinda day for me. I had so much on my mind and so much stress that it just kinda set me back. You see….I am normal I do have off days..haha..

All I wanted to do was cry as proceeded with my day. I felt so overwhelmed with a bunch of things. One huge thing is not having my family near me. Trust me I LOVE LOVE LOVE living in California and probably will not move because I love it that much. But not having my family near me that I can call Shaina or Melissa up and say, “Hey you wanna meet me for Coffee or go for a walk or just talk in person?” Thinking about it makes me tear up. I know that my sisters have been feeling the same way. I think it might make it harder now that they both have children. And I know they grow up extremely fast. So many things change with children that I want to be involved in everything. Not being involved in day to day life is quite difficult. 

Is it also because of the Holidays? Is that why I feel sad? I asked myself all day. Then I just myself its okay to just have a day after work just to….be….

Now that it has been a day of quietness it is time to go back to the positive and God has reminded me of what I have in life. Where I am going. What I am going to be.

Thankfully I have two amazing sisters that do Skype and talk about Auntie Me Me ALL OF THE TIME! So I know that my two nephews will never forget about me. Thank you for that!

Since it is still December here is a picture of my adorable Nephew Connor


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