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Lights Out

As I was in the kitchen so excited to be cooking this Fiesta Pork for the first time. I just finished chopping up the scallions, thawing the pepper and kernels of corn all of a sudden my power went out. You see lately here in NOT SO Sunny California it has been pouring rain and super windy. And actually when I was at work today there was thunder and lightning. I never thought my power would go out. So I am really not prepared. I grabbed the two candle I had and light them then just kinda stood in the house. I then called the power company and waited on hold forever to find out that they have had people working on the problem. Soon after I took these pictures the power was up and running and I started to clap with excitement because that meant I got to cook my Fiesta Pork…..was it worth it….YES IT WAS!!!!!


When the lights went out Josh grabbed his book and started to read with half laying in the office half out. I love that he finds away to do anything.

So I have realized that I am not that prepared for if the lights go out. Here are my two lonely candles…lol…and I do have flashlights all over the house but I lack in batteries.

I loved the reading book idea so I decided to grab my camera and get a self portrait of the book I have been reading. I am so in LOVE with this Author Nicholas Sparks and right now I am reading his book “The Last Song” I am almost finished and I just know something big is going to happen and I am going to cry.

YES it happened my power came back ON!!! I get to make my lunch.



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