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Inspiration…Capturing poses…Always on The Look Out

As the new year is coming so quickly it makes me think about so many things. Like WOW my business has grown so much I Can’t even BELIEVE IT! And it makes me SOOOO excited to see what is in store for next year. With clients already booking with me for weddings for 2011. (OMG is this really happening.) Okay, YES Amy it is! 

I have been taking the time in looking into my business and learning everything that I can to make it better. For one thing I am always looking for some inspiration. Magazines, stores, internet, and many other things. I have something planned that I think will make my business more ME. First of all because of you Yes you my blog reader friends. I will be creating a blog/website. I love that I have people following my blog and seeing what I have been up to. I really think that the internet is such a huge part of branding and establishing who you are and what you want to be. 
Also to the many of people that have spread the word I really appreciate you. Because people trust people and having you share things about me and my business has been a HUGE help. Seriously I have had the BEST clients out of word of mouth. You truly know what I am about.

So with that I wanted to share some inspiration that I have in my house right now. I make a new board every so often. And I really don’t think my mind ever shuts down. lol. 

inspiration 6783


inspiration 6781


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  • Keeper of the Home... - Amy,

    Just as long as you remember that the "Griffies" were your first paying customers(silly eye glass pictures – do you remember that?)…teeee-heeeee! So I want to share this with you…after looking at your board, I saw NOTHING in there that is as good as your pictures. So maybe you are just using an inspiration board to jump start something that you will take to better heights in the phototgraphy world

    We are soooooooooo going to have you take our pictures for our next year's Christmas pictures….smile! Guess I better start saving and book a date huh – busy girl you!

    By the way – if I haven't told you this in a while…..I'M REALLY REALLY REALLY PROUD OF YOU!

    Love you so very much,
    Dory and family

    A little fun information you probably didn't know about me….my mom and I lived in Burbank for a few years…small world eh!ReplyCancel

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