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Hayley | One Month Old

Is it really one month already…

Hayley is just growing up so fast already. I feel like so many things have changed.

Just yesterday she started using her abs to lift her head up when she lays on her back. Both Josh and I were shocked about that one. HAHA.

Before Hayley was born and even before I knew that she was a girl I made these onesies so that I can take a photo of her every month to see how much she grows. I’m so glad I did this cause I can’t wait to have all the photos in a book one day for her to look back on to see her growth progress. And to have what happens each month too.

This has been a CRAZY month. So many things have happened.

We had Hayley…then 2 days after we got back from the hospital we moved a few houses down from where we used to live. From a 1 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom house. My mom stayed with us for about 3 weeks. My dad came for a week. Then my older sisters family came for a week. When everyone went home we had friends over I turned the oven on to make a dessert and then the next thing I knew there was a fire in the oven. It went out on its own but then the smoke would not stop billowing up. I called 911 the fire department came. And they cleared out the smoke. So we stayed at our friends house that night. When we went back home in the morning. There was tons of ash everywhere but thankfully nothing got destroyed. We are so thankful for friends and family that have helped us out in the process of moving, providing food, and cleaning up after the stove fire.

So that is our CRAZY month that I will never forget. Hopefully this month will bring some time to just enjoy with our little family. And settling into our new home.

1st Month

* Held head up since day one on own

* Lost umbilical cord on day 8

* At last doctors visit she was back at her birth weight 6lbs 12.5oz

* Started to smile during the first week

* She gives the most goofiest faces

* She LOVES to cuddle

* Week 3 used abs to lift head up from laying down position



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