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Hayley | 3 Months

So every month I have been taking a growing photo of my little girl. I thought why not write her a letter too. So I will be adding a little letter here for her so that I can remember what’s going on in her life.


Wow you are three months old! Every month brings new beginnings and new excitements. As you grow I keep on thinking to myself how can I fall even more in love with you? But God just keeps on placing the love in my heart for you. I look at you and think how did I not have you in my life before. Your daddy and I are just so thrilled that you are here! Just writing these words down makes me teary-eyed cause my heart is so full.

So what has been happening this month.

– You continue to smile all the time. Except now you smile with your tongue sticking out. Cracks me UP!

– When you are Cooing and talking. You do the cutest thing you shrug your shoulders up and pucker your lips. It just melts my heart.

– A new thing is…you are trying to do sit ups ALL THE TIME! You like to lay on my legs and hang on to my fingers. Then you do the most amazing thing. You literally pull your self up and stand. You then give the biggest smile and talk. You are so proud of yourself. And both your daddy and I are proud of you too.

– You absolutely LOVE laying on your play mat. And staring at your bright star and talking and laughing at it. You can play there for a long time. You just started to grab your toys that hang from it. You are in disbelief whenever you do grab your toys. It is a look on your face like “How did that happen?”

– I love that you are so aware now. You watch your Daddy and I all the time. And give such a large smile when you see us. I can’t wait for when the time comes when you reach your hands out to us for us to pick you up.

– Whenever you are upset. Your Daddy grabs you and flies you around the house. You are Iron Women. And you are so in love with it.

My Sweet Girl, I know I say this all the time but I am so thankful that God has placed you in our lives. Your Daddy and I always say how much we LOVE you! Watching you grow is such a unexplainable joy.

I can’t wait to see what next month brings.



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