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First Day In South Carolina

It’s my first day in South Carolina and it was a gloomy but muggy day. Melissa and I went to Thornwell where her and Jon work. It is a huge campus way bigger then what she described I couldn’t believe it! And they have thousands of acres of land it is just crazy. In the afternoon I took pictures of some of the children being tutored or just studying for Thornwell. I will post some of those pictures too. Then later Melissa and I went for a walk in the field with Meika their dog. She was running around while I was taking pictures of things I saw along the way.






Love the color of the Leaves changing.


And then the lovely Fire Ant’s Still when I see this picture I am feeling things crawling on my body. When we were walking around I was taking a picture then I realized that I stepped in an Ant Hill. I was freaking out a little because I HATE FIRE ANTS. I was stomping away all right. I know you really can’t see them on their hill but they are sure there.

Also I can’t forget even though I am here in South Carolina I am thinking about my little sis who turned 24 today. Yes Sha Sha 🙂 I so wish I could be there to help celebrate with her this BIG JOYESS DAY!!!! I love you girl so much. You mean so much to me. Looking forward to the day where you get to visit me in California. 😉

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