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Feeling Uplifted from Washington

I am back from spending some time in Washington. I really enjoyed my trip. It was so different then usual because of my dad being in Spokane and then knowing that they are trying to sell the house. God is doing such amazing things in my parents life by moving to Spokane and doing what God has offered them. I am just so excited for them. And seeing my dad. He just seems different. Drawing closer to God and going along on His path has made my Dad even more loving then he is. I don’t even know how that is possible but it is.

The trip for me was just relaxing and a bit refreshing for my life. Even though I am back today and didn’t get much sleep last night and woke up at 7 to go to work. Walking around work like a zombie. Today I still know how my trip was and being around my family has been uplifting.

We did one of my favorite things to do in Washington and that was going to the Lattin’s Country Cider Mill. I was bummed that they were all out of the camelos that I LOVE!!!! But walking around in the rain holding onto the handmade Spiced Cider, their is just nothing like it. We tried to take some photos of Josh and I while we were there because well we just don’t have that many since I am always the one taking the pictures.



Look at those eyes 🙂

All the goats put their head through the gate because they just wanted to have some grain. Not because they were excited to see us.

We got some spiced cider to warm us up as we walked around. Seriously the BEST EVER!!!!


They had this awesome rubber ducky race but unfortunately it wasn’t working correctly.

Josh took this photo. I love it 🙂





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  • Laura - Wish we would have gotten to see you guys when you were up visiting. Now that your family will be in Spokane though, we will have to get together next time you visit!

    PS- I have an award for you on my blog 🙂ReplyCancel

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