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Decor for Fall…..

Since living in California vs Washington. It just does not feel the same when the Holidays come. So about a month ago I got some fall decorations for my little place. I went to Target and Michael’s and found some pumpkins, leaves and acorns. I am not a big Fall decorator so it took me awhile to find something that I liked. And so far I am loving it! But what I am most excited about is to get a Christmas Tree and start decorating for Christmas. Now THAT I love decorating for! I have been slowly adding things to my Christmas box. The colors I love for Christmas decorations are Silver and Red. So as soon as I get back from Photographing a Wedding in Texas during Thanksgiving. I will be as busy as a bee decorating my little house in Red and Silver 🙂


I put some pumpkins in my bathroom and have a Pumpkin Spice wallflower plugged in the outlet.



Even my Fishie is enjoying having some color next to him 🙂


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