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Can I just say Auntie ME ME….

So a couple of days after Christmas my dad called my phone but I didn’t have it near me so he called Josh and he answered. We then discovered that we needed to get Melissa on the phone too. So my dad set up a conference call and we were all on the phone as a family together. Then we heard Shaina say sooooo I AM PREGNANT!!!! Can I just say YES Melissa and I were a TOTAL MESS!!!! So overwhelmed with Excitement we were crying so much. And Josh and Jon are just like yup that is the Kolcz girls….lol….We just can’t help but cry. We are just so close and it is just so hard to be apart during these moments. I am thrilled that I get to finally be Auntie Me Me.

I had to show off my little sis and her husband. I can’t wait to see her on Monday!

Cochran's Christmas Photo's 2009 079_


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