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Back to the Grind……

So we have been married for 3 weeks now. And everything is GREAT! 

It has been extremely busy for the both of us….work….hanging out with friends…making time for each other. Welcome to life…haha

Next for me is waiting for Shaina to have Connor…Every time I answer the phone I say, “Did your water break?” She laughs and says no but one day it will be “YES!” and I will be on that plane heading to see my first nephew. Okay I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Yesterday I had the opportunity of going to the Toluca Lake Golf Course to take some photos of a fun tournament. My station was “Freaky Friday” Guys dress up as girls and Girls dress up as guys. Can you imagine the fun….well….it sure was Funny watching everyone get dressed up.

Thank you to Lakeside for being so much fun and entertaining.

here is a photo near the 15th hole where I was at.


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