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Ariel Inspired Shoot

Here it is.. the Ariel Inspired Shoot 

Hair and Make up by: Martina Maina from T-Birds Hair Salon

She is such an awesome lady. I just love this girl. She is my hair dresser and I have got to say I wouldn’t go to anyone else. I love what she does ALWAYS!
Cassie one of the stylist and Martina were working on Cassie’s halloween costume. I came in to get my hair done and well it all unfolded from there. Martina wanted to take photos of the costume with full make up and hair done. 
I was all in. First of all it was so much fun. I love doing spontaneous shoots like this. It really gets the creative juices flowing. These two girls were so much fun to work with.
I have always wanted to do a shoot by Front Street in Burbank. So I suggested that and we were headed there. It was raining but it worked out well because as you can see in the photos I was able to get some refection shoots. That were just AMAZING. I love it when everything works out.

Thank you Cassie for being such a fun Model to work with and to Martina you always make me laugh. Can’t wait to work with the T-Bird Girls again!

Ariel 784


Ariel 800

Ariel 908


Ariel 832


Ariel 1027


Ariel 1070


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