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A Pumpkin Festival

For this year Media City Church put on a Pumpkin Festival. Filled with lots of people and you can’t forget CANDY!!!! 
Kids would come in and decorate a bag then go around to all the different activities to receive some candy.
Here are some photos of the fun

MCCHarvest 889

I loved this

The kids had a HUG Blow up. All with wall to climb pillars to go through and a slide. The line never ended it was a BIG HIT! I had fun watching everyone come down the slide. There faces were priceless.

This little girl was just to cute.

There was even a Pumpkin skit.

This is the Trick-Or-Treating hall. Every door had some people with candy and they all helped pass out the goods. Everyone had so much fun at the MCC Pumpkin Festival. To all the volunteers you were just AMAZING!!!!
MCCHarvest 939


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