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A little fun in the desert | Los Vegas, Nevada

Today I leave for Washington. I’m so excited to be seeing family, taking photos of friends and doing a wedding. Oh ya and my first baby shower too! It’s going to be such a fun trip. Wait for it the WEATHER is looking good also! Win Win!

A little Baby Update:

– Been feeling good but tired all at the same time. This heat is really hard when prego. If I could just be in a pool all day that would be best.

– Totally craving sweets. And it is terrible 🙁 All I want to eat is softy chewy chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Fields or have maple bars galore.

– She moves sooo much. That when she kicks I can just watch my stomach and I see her. Kinda Crazy!

– It is getting harder to just roll over in bed or get up from bed.

– Get to go to the doctor when I get back from my trip. Can’t wait to see her. Best thing EVER!

– 14 more weeks to go and I get to hold her in my arms. I just get overwhelmed with emotion just thinking about it.

Loved staying with these girls. So relaxed and just wanted to have fun with the camera. We went out to the desert to do just that! Here is some of the photos that I captured.

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