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Small Shop Feature | Malia + Kai

Todays Small Shop Feature is Malia + Kai. This company has so many cute twirl dresses that little girls will just LOVE! They truly are the perfect twirl dress which Hayley obsessed about every time she puts one on. Make sure you head on over to her shop she has so many cute new dresses right now!

Tell me a little bit about yourself, who you are, what your company is:
I’m Shawna, the crazy lady behind Malia + Kai.  I’m a work at home mama wrangling 3 littles (ages 13, 3, and 8 months) here in coastal North Carolina.  When the kids don’t have me tied up you can find me at my sewing table, cutting out rainclouds or dinosaurs or pineapples and sewing clothes for my littles and hopefully yours too.  We are all about comfort and simplicity around here so I try to throw in a little style and create something cute.


What happened in your life that helped your decision to actually create a small business?
The simple answer is Malia happened 😛 When my daughter was a little over a year old she started to get reeeeaaallllly picky and difficult to dress.  And it wasn’t necessarily the style of the clothes but the comfort level.  She straight up refused to wear anything not jersey soft material.  So if it wasn’t leggings or T-shirt dresses she wasn’t having it.  Putting a pair of actual jeans on her would elicit a hissy fit that rivaled Kanye.  I still wanted her to wear cute things though and so I figured out how to make clothes for her that were super comfy but still trendy.  When she outgrew them and I would go to sell them on IG, people wanted more, and thus Malia + Kai was born!


Where do you find inspiration:
So many places.  A lot from my kids and their interests, I start with whatever their favorite thing is at the moment.  For instance the Sharptooth dress started with Malia’s obsession with The Land Before Time and dinosaurs.  Sometimes I get an idea and the execution of it turns out to be a complete disaster and sometimes it turns out even better than I expected.  I will just see a pattern and get a vision in my head and mess with it to see if it works.


What is your favorite part about your small business? What is the most exciting part about what you do?
I love the creativity of it.  It’s so much fun to dream something up and see it come to life, and even better when other people are excited about it too.


What I loved about her dresses is that they are so easy to make cozy for colder weather but then also you could just throw one on and you are summer ready! The shorts are definitely going to be a staple to just put over a bathing suite at the lake this summer.

Outfit Details:

Dresses and shorts: Malia + Kai

Moccasins : Freshly Picked Moccasins

Necklace: The Hatching Hen

Hair bow : Valley Gal Designs


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