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Small Business Feature | Pitchoun Designs

Now that I am finally settling down here in Spokane, WA I can get back to my Small Business Features! And I am telling you if you have a girl this one does not disappoint. Pitchoun Designs is oh so AMAZING I can not tell you enough. These leather hair accessories are spot on! You need to head on over to her site Pitchoun Designs and get some for your girls ūüôā


Tell me a little bit about yourself, who you are, what your company is:

My name is Lacey Obry and I am the mother of two sweet little girls, L√©a (4) and Zo√© (23 mo.) . I am a part-time stay at home mom with a love for crafting and gardening.¬†I am the owner and¬†designer¬†of¬†Pitchoun¬†Designs, an accessories shop for your little ones. The name “Pitchoun” is a french term of endearment for “little ones”.

With Pitchoun Designs, I strives to make classic, minimalist accessories with a modern edge for your little ones. I want to create a style that does not get old, accessories that can grow with your child.


What happened in your life that helped your decision to actually create a small business?

In 2009, after being a hairstylist for some years, I moved from to New York to further pursue my career in hairstyling. I got a job working at one of the top hair salons in New York City where I met my husband shortly after moving. My husband who is French is also a hairstylist, so hair has always been a part of our life.¬†Pitchoun¬†Designs¬†was launched in New York in 2013 after the birth of my second daughter. After taking a break from hairstyling to stay home with my girls, I decided to¬†design¬†and make hair accessories. Hair has always been inspiring to me and being the crafty person that I am, I needed to create and be creative while staying at home. It was hard for me to find accessories that were small and minimalist for my young girls. I decided to¬†design¬†and make my own accessories. I starting with cotton and linen fabrics and then moved onto leather fabrics to make my accessories. After request from friends and “friends of friends” I decided to start a business out of it.

Where do you find inspiration:

It’s so hard to sum it all up.. I pull inspiration from so many things. Fashion and hair is such a big part of my life. I try to keep up with what is going on in the current fashion world as well as pulling inspiration from the past. Living in New York completely opened my eyes to fashion and being married to a Frenchman, has opened my eyes to french culture which has also had an influence on my style.¬†

What is your favorite part about your small business? 

My favorite part about my business is being able to CREATE. Having ideas in my head and being able to make them happen. Being able to do something you love and make a living from it is the best feeling.


What is the most exciting part about what you do?

One of the most exciting parts about what I do is the feedback. Hearing positive feedback and seeing my accessories on my customers via social media is so rewarding.  I get to see how people style my accessories and it helps me know my customers and what they like.


Thank you Lacey for sharing about your what you do and your amazing business. I am so in love with your hair accessories!


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