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Small Business Monday Feature | Chicken & Charlie

When I was scrolling through Etsy and found Chicken & Charlie I just had to ask Irene if I could feature her amazing bandana bibs. Guys these bibs are so cute! The cowl scarves are pretty much to die for. I mean who doesn’t love a big fluffy scarf. This is definitely a winter staple in our closet.

Also make sure you head on over to her shop right now because she is having discount!!!!!


Tell me a little bit about yourself, who you are, what your company is:

I’m Irene of Chicken & Charlie. I’m a SAHM/WAHM to two lil boys, Leonard 4 and Luka 2. I worked for a number of years in the children’s fashion industry. I always said that once I had kids of my own I wanted to stay home with them until they were a little older and in grade school. As far as contributing to my family other then being a mom (which has a long list of responsibilities in itself) I figure if there is a will there is a way. We can do this.

So I’ve always had a thing for children’s market. Everything is just so fun and innocent small. Trying to keep in the swing of things and not deter too far away from the my background in the children’s industry, I started sewing accessories of my own. I’d been sewing since I was a kid, then I had a bad habit of sewing on the floor of my bedroom. I’ve now moved to the counter since then.


What happened in your life that helped your decision to actually create a small business?

Well I started selling my goodies online during maternity leave and the rest took off. I find that I am fortunate enough to stay home and do what I love, which is raise my lil boys and still have be able to do something that I enjoy which is to create. However finding the time isn’t always easy, usually its up into the wee hours of the night when everyone and asleep.


Where do you find inspiration:

I find inspiration all around me, and I don’t try to hard or do anything that isn’t me. My favorite of all is searching high and low for great prints and fabrics that aren’t your typical baby look, which is what makes up Chicken & Charlie, fun handmade items with a sense of edge for your lil rascals.


What is your favorite part about your small business? What is the most exciting part about what you do?
I find the most exciting thing to be is the challenge of creating something of your own and watching it grow and grow everyday. I have customers in countries I’ve never heard of and that what is so awesome about selling online on Etsy, is that what was a once small idea is now reaching people worldwide. In addition, I also sell wholesale across the states so now its bringing me full circle to what I once loved to do was work with fun and unique children’s boutiques across the US.


Thank you Irene for letting me feature your bandanas and cowl scarf! Just so love what you are about and all your products!

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