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Tom and Tiffany were married at the San Ysidro Ranch in California. It was such a beautiful location. I had actually have never been there. And I hope that I get to make it back soon. Tom and Tiffany thank you so much for allowing me to capture your day. Seeing the love between you guys was such a privilege.







Love Tiffany. She was so excited when she got into her dress. It’s the moment of when you think “I’m getting married today!’



Kiira Turnbow from Eye Heart Pretty Things made the invitations and ceremony brochure.








Tiffany you are absolutely gorgeous!


Seeing Tom watch Tiffany walk down the aisle….such a precious moment.








  • Rachel Martinez - what is the name of the church

  • Dory Griffin - Wow Am…you take amazing pictures! I agree with your mom!ReplyCancel

  • Jill Kolcz - so many details! love the picture of the brides dress! WOW! Beautiful in every way!ReplyCancel

I open my eyes and it is only 4:30am.:(I am wide a wake so what to do with baby kicking, why not blog.

I have recently taken a trip to my home town Olympia, Washington. It was a whirl-wind of a trip. Family and work kept me busy. I was telling my mom yesterday that every day when I was there I was extremely tired. I felt as tired as I did in my first trimester. I don’t think the cloudy weather helped any. Since I have been back I have been a lot better. Sun does help me out! Well, and a 2 hour nap on Sunday.

It was a great trip though. I got to hang out with my parents for a few days. My little sisters growing family. Yup she is pregos too! And my big sis! Still can’t believe we are all pregnant together seems unreal. My Mom and Shaina thru me a baby shower. It was so fun and emotional. Just feel so overly-whelmed (I know probably not even a word, but I don’t know how else to describe it) blessed by everything. It was also full of photo shoots and a wedding. Yup to say the least after getting 5 hours of sleep on Saturday. I looked in the mirror in the bathroom of the airport and I have never seen my eyes so blood shot. But honestly I can say it was all so worth it!

I can’t forget to mention that it was also Lake Fair when I was there. And that only means one thing to me. Elephant EAR!!!! We don’t have them here in California and I don’t know why. They are the best thing EVER!!!! Doughy goodness with tons of homemade butter and cinnamon sugar. They had two booths set up for the Elephant Ears. The first day we went to the $3.00 one got two. One for each of us. And well they were not up to standard. It was good don’t get me wrong. But we are not a fan of the crispy ones. So of course we had to go back before I left. We tried the $6.00 one and YES OH YES! It was AMAZING! So glad we went back so that I could have my Elephant Ear satisfaction before I went back home.

I thought I would share a few photos of my nephew Connor running around with his toy. And then a little fun he had a Lake Fair dancing and playing when we were listening to the music.


He was having so much fun throwing his truck around. Then when he got in the car to leave he kept on saying, “Owie” his truck now was hurt.

I love me some fair food. Always have to get the fries and elephant ears!

He was having so much fun rolling around. Picking up grass, putting it on us and dancing away.

  • Shaina - Amy! We are so glad you were able to spend the week with us! We had a blast, I will cherish all the photos you took of our growing Connor forever! Love you sis!ReplyCancel

Today I leave for Washington. I’m so excited to be seeing family, taking photos of friends and doing a wedding. Oh ya and my first baby shower too! It’s going to be such a fun trip. Wait for it the WEATHER is looking good also! Win Win!

A little Baby Update:

- Been feeling good but tired all at the same time. This heat is really hard when prego. If I could just be in a pool all day that would be best.

- Totally craving sweets. And it is terrible:(All I want to eat is softy chewy chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Fields or have maple bars galore.

- She moves sooo much. That when she kicks I can just watch my stomach and I see her. Kinda Crazy!

- It is getting harder to just roll over in bed or get up from bed.

- Get to go to the doctor when I get back from my trip. Can’t wait to see her. Best thing EVER!

- 14 more weeks to go and I get to hold her in my arms. I just get overwhelmed with emotion just thinking about it.

Loved staying with these girls. So relaxed and just wanted to have fun with the camera. We went out to the desert to do just that! Here is some of the photos that I captured.

Blush Photography


So I know it has been since February since I have taken these photos. But like I say better late then never. For the next few days I will be posting some photos from my trip at WPPI, Los Vegas, Nevada. These girls are just to HOT not to share!

Here are a few of the girls that I stayed with in Vegas. I had so much fun getting to know them. And so happy that we are all in each other’s lives. They are such a huge inspiration to me as a photographer and friend. These girls Rock it out EVERY TIME:)Make sure you check out their work.

These were taken right out on the balcony of our hotel. Just a little shoot with some pretty ladies….

Ciara Richardson 

Abi Q Photography

Shyla Photography