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I know I have not been blogging for awhile now. I have been trying to get somethings in order. I am very excited because I am going to do a photo shoot this weekend. I absolutely can’t wait it is with a dear friend and her two companions. As soon as I finish them up be on the look out because they are going to be so much fun
I just had to put these photos on my blog because it really shows how much fun I have when I am with my sister and my mom. People were looking at us like we were crazy but that didn’t matter because we were just being who we are. 
All I got to say is that I still got hops!!! Okay, I know that my feet are up but I just still like to think that I do since I was a basketball player
Have a wonderful day everyone!

  • Keeper of the Home... - Amy,

    I’m so loving your blog! You have amazing talent…I really mean that!

    Glad you were able to see my blog and yes, I’m glad we can stay in touch this way…We miss you tons also!

    P.S. – Your picture of you in yellow..on the side is stunning – I bet Josh wants that one framed!


I love little ones. Even though this swing gave Adam a blue bottom. This little on didn’t even think twice about swinging on the swing. She would just run as fast as she could then let her body float in the air as she went back. I remember when I used to do that all the time. Being a child is such a joy and so carefree.


The wedding party was so much fun to work with in this wedding. So willing to do anything. But most of all just to be themselves. I loved that they all were just laughing together. 

The girls in this photo I love because they were just being goofy and the guys were just like oh well