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Yesterday Josh and I were playing with his new camera the EOS 5D Mark II I am in LOVE with it!

I even told Josh when we were done and heading to the library to get a movie that I think I just fell in love all over again….he said oh you want a baby…I laughed and said no I am in love with the camera…haha…he just smiled.

Kiik and Micah came to the Olive park so I could take some photos of them. I am so glad they did. I was loving the light couldn’t get enough of the flare. And Micah is just such a joy to photograph. He is such a smiler now. Thank you guys for coming to the park yesterday so we could play with you guys.



Today I went up to Santa Barbara to celebrate Chandler’s Birthday. I had a ton of fun. It started off at the La Cumbre Country Club
for a lunch and the opening of presents and a little super chocolate cake. Then we headed down by the Biltmore Beach to take some fun photos of everyone.

Here is one of the group shots that we did. All the girls were just so beautiful.

Thank you Chandler for letting me be apart of your special day 🙂



Keziah has been more like one of my sisters. I have known her for so long and I am so lucky that God has place her and her family in my life. I was so excited to hear that she was coming done to So Cal. I had to see her. I met up with her family in Commerce then we went down to Long Beach to the dog beach area so that there little doggie could come with us. He is just way to cute. hahah….but so difficult to photograph. We tried so many times and yet I still do not have a good photo. He just moves way to fast.
I had so much fun just laying on the beach catching up and laughing with my dearest friend.

Sage concentrating so hard on trying to get out of being buried. It took him around 3 minutes to get out. He said that his legs were hurting so badly. We were all laughing so hard. The faces he made were just priceless.

All photos taken with my little camera


Yesterday was Parker’s Birthday. Josh and I drove up to Santa Barbara to take him to Transformers. I promised him before I left to take him. It was a lot of fun on a beautiful day.
All photos taken with my lil camera

Isabella found these roasters in Borders we just had to get a photo with them. They are just so colorful. I loved it!

The sun was setting on the way back home. I just love sunsets. I kept on turning my head around to watch it go down.

I am actually in the lower photo You can barely see me poking my head out the window….haha

Man my hair is so messy from sticking my head out the window. haha.
What Josh is driving with no hands….aaahhhhhh…..crazy man!