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Titus giving a kiss to what used to be Uncle Don is now Grandpa Don

My younger sister Shaina

  • Amy Kolcz - Thank you so much for your encouragement. I always love seeing you guys too!!!! Such an amazing family you are :)ReplyCancel

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    So I have to comment here…I’ve browsed your blog and think you need to start charging way way way more than you do for your creative, inspiring and beautiful photos…you take amazing amazing did I mention amazing pictures…you have talent that most do not…The Lord gave that to you so start believing it and charging the right price…
    We loved seeing you and being with you and Josh – Much Love…DReplyCancel

When I went back home to Olympia, Washington. I was so thankful because there was so much snow. I have not seen that much snow since I was a little kid. Josh, Dylan, Jon, Shaina and I all went hiking up the big hill to go sledding. It was definitely a work-out climbing up that hill. I was so excited to see my mom and dad coming with the truck. They took all the photos that I posted here. And when we were done drove us back to the house.


A couple of weekends ago. I had the privilege to shoot Penny and her amazing dogs. They are so friendly and loving. I love that you can always count on your dog to be there for you through the good and the bad. They have that sense when you are down to be right there to lift up your spirits again. And these dogs love Penny to death. They follow her wherever she goes and show her love by sitting next to her. 
Thank you Penny for being such an inspiration in my life and for letting me shoot these photos for you. I had so much fun! Love you girl!!!!   I love your smile


Introducing Melissa Biron…
She is my Oldest sister who lives in Sherman Oaks, California. 
She is a Mary Kay consultant and amazing at it if I have to say so myself. If you ever need your make-up done for a wedding, portrait shoot, or any kind of event you should give her a call. She does a fabulous job making your inner beauty come out! She did all of the Bridesmaids in the wedding that I did for David and Jessica in N.J. and the make-up for Marina. You can click on the links in the name and you will be able to see the work that Melissa has done for my clients. Then click on the photos and it will enlarge it so that you can see the make-up better.
I love working with her she makes everything so much fun and really pays attention to you individually. 
So if you ever want to hire or buy some Mary Kay product you can contact her at… 

All I have to say is that you are so adorable!

For all who do not know these two amazing people they are my Sister and Brother-in-Law. I had the pleasure of shooting this last Saturday with them. We went to a location that I have been to many of times with the children that I nanny. The oldest used to BMX here. I have been wanting to shoot at sunset at this location for awhile now and I was so excited when they agreed to do the shoot. I always enjoy taking photos of my family too

Thank you for letting me do this for you guys. You two are the best!!!!