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We took this photo at Michelle and Nicks wedding. I was going through them and I put a huge smile on my face when I saw this one because it is the love of my life. Babers to me (Josh to everyone else) is such a sweet and caring guy. He recently took me to my favorite place Disneyland and spoiled me rotten:)Josh is a guy that would do anything for his family and friends he is a hard worker and not to mention treats me like a princess. Even when I am down and miss my family and friends in Washington he seems to put a smile on my face just by being his goofy self.:)
I love you so much babe and thank you for everything that you have given me. You are my true love and God has such an amazing plan for you I can’t wait to see where he takes your talents.


Here is Isabella at her class that she attends every Monday to learn how to sew. 
She looks forward to going to these classes to get better. She tells me that her dream is to be a designer. I think she has such a wonderful mind that she is going to reach that dream. She is always coming up with new styles for herself. She has great taste :) 


This is Anthony and Isabella. They are the children that I parent assistant for. Such amazing children they are. Always making me laugh. So free hearted;)

Isabella was showing off her shirt that she sewed all by herself. She is the little seamstress. She has such a wonderful talent. I am going to post more of her clothing later. She does such a good job. I have to show her off:)


I was going through some photos that I took when I was in Washington to suprise my dad and I found these. This is my cousin Hope. She is full of life and the sweetest baby ever.:)The picture below is of my dad and Hope. My dad did this with my siblings and I. Plus he does it to every child that he gets a hold of. They love it but it is funny to watch the parents on the other side they are so nervous. 

Hope’s mom and dad. . . My cousin Jennifer and Sheraz

Hope’s grandma . . . my Aunt Gayle

  • ron - I am so glad that you are keeping a blog now. It’s going to great seeing your work and staying even more in touch.

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