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I am in love with this photo because the little girl that was the flower girl at Jess and David’s wedding turned her right foot up when she blew the bubbles. The cutest thing ever.

This little Ring-bearer fell in the grass walking. And got up as though nothing went wrong.


Yesterday Josh, Shane and I drove up to Santa Barbara to drop off some of my things at the house that I am going to be living at. I am moving in with the family that Parent Assistant with in less then a week. I can’t believe that it is already here. My emotions are everywhere. It is going to be a huge growing experience for me being a way from my love ones … sister, boyfriend, and close friends of mine. To really put myself in Gods hands and only rely on Him. 

I love you BABE SOOOO much !!!

They had this cute Water Taxi going back from the Pier to the land. It was hauling:)