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So every month I have been taking a growing photo of my little girl. I thought why not write her a letter too. So I will be adding a little letter here for her so that I can remember what’s going on in her life.


Wow you are three months old! Every month brings new beginnings and new excitements. As you grow I keep on thinking to myself how can I fall even more in love with you? But God just keeps on placing the love in my heart for you. I look at you and think how did I not have you in my life before. Your daddy and I are just so thrilled that you are here! Just writing these words down makes me teary-eyed cause my heart is so full.

So what has been happening this month.

– You continue to smile all the time. Except now you smile with your tongue sticking out. Cracks me UP!

– When you are Cooing and talking. You do the cutest thing you shrug your shoulders up and pucker your lips. It just melts my heart.

– A new thing is…you are trying to do sit ups ALL THE TIME! You like to lay on my legs and hang on to my fingers. Then you do the most amazing thing. You literally pull your self up and stand. You then give the biggest smile and talk. You are so proud of yourself. And both your daddy and I are proud of you too.

– You absolutely LOVE laying on your play mat. And staring at your bright star and talking and laughing at it. You can play there for a long time. You just started to grab your toys that hang from it. You are in disbelief whenever you do grab your toys. It is a look on your face like “How did that happen?”

– I love that you are so aware now. You watch your Daddy and I all the time. And give such a large smile when you see us. I can’t wait for when the time comes when you reach your hands out to us for us to pick you up.

– Whenever you are upset. Your Daddy grabs you and flies you around the house. You are Iron Women. And you are so in love with it.

My Sweet Girl, I know I say this all the time but I am so thankful that God has placed you in our lives. Your Daddy and I always say how much we LOVE you! Watching you grow is such a unexplainable joy.

I can’t wait to see what next month brings.



Last year I had the pleasure of working with an amazing photographer¬†Richelle Dante. As soon as I walked into this spectacular house and peered out side I just knew that this wedding was going to be AH–Mazing! With the Sugar and Fluff Team doing the decor….UMMMM YES Please!!!! There were so many intimate details for this Wedding. They received most of their inspiration from the Disney Movie “Tangled

Make sure to check out Richelles and Sugar and Fluff”s Feature on Style Me Pretty for more photos!


I always enjoy watching the bridesmaids watch the bride get ready. Their reactions are priceless.


Father giving his daughter away…pretty much makes me get teary-eyed every time.


These Ombre Lights – To DIE FOR!!!


Thank you again Richelle for having me along your side to capture this special wedding day!


Hayley is 2 months!!!! WHAT!!!!

Where does the time go…

She is now smiling sooo big

Kicking her legs like CRAZY

Doing Tummy time so well, she even smiles and talks when she does it

Just started putting fist in her mouth, and it is quite funny to watch her hit herself trying to figure out what her hand is

Holds head up so well

Makes so many different faces. I really need to capture them on my camera

Stares at you intensely

Watches people walk by

Loves Skyping with her Oma, Poppie, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Its the cutest thing to watch

Being a mom has been so rewarding already. ¬†Can’t wait to see what next month has in store for us.



She wasn’t as happy this month for her monthly photo op. But you have to capture all the moments. Now she can look back and see.:)



This last weekend was my first official work weekend. I 2nd shot a wedding and had this fun family shoot in Point Dume, Beach that is below. It was hard to be away from my little baby girl. But it was so nice to be behind the camera again doing what I love. Taking pictures just makes me so happy! And when I got home from the wedding. Hayley was talking so much to me and smiling that it makes it all worth it.

Here is the Shah family. They have the two sweetest little girls.



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This morning as I woke up, fed Hayley and as I was feeding her I was holding back tears because today is my first official day back at work. I am 2nd shooting a wedding today. It is bittersweet for me. I’m so excited to be behind the camera again. But then I’m quite sad to be leaving my baby girl behind for 7 hours. I can’t believe how in love I am with her. What can I say….she has my heart.

Even though I will miss seeing her big smiles, smelling her baby smell, kissing and holding her tiny self. She will be home with her daddy having a daddy daughter day filled with football. And that right there puts a smile on my face. Cause she sure does love her daddy.

Below is a few family photos of the Urbon family. Twins (boy and girl) and not so baby boy any more. I can’t believe how much these adorable kids have grown up. They love to run around and it was so fun capturing them throwing rocks into the ocean. I just love watching a family together and capturing them being them.


They were being so silly on the stairs. Making faces and making each other laugh.