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Photographing a family in at the Manito Park Greenhouse was so much fun. I was so excited to see Charlee and her parents again. She is now 6 months old and was sitting up and looking at all the plants. Well, mainly the pink ones, who can blame her they were absolutely stunning 🙂

Manito Park has many areas to walk around in and see all different gardens. But something draws me into the greenhouse every time. Maybe its the quite, maybe I feel at peace here, maybe I deeply long for a greenhouse of my own.

Hope you all enjoy this amazing family and their 6 month old photo session. You can also check out past sessions with them here:



Charlee Loved it when we had her stand up and hold onto mommy and daddy’s hands. She wanted to walk so badly.spokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photosspokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photosspokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photosspokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photos

There is just something so sweet about daddy and daughter photos.spokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photosspokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photosspokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photosspokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photosspokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photos-_0572spokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photosspokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photosspokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photos-_0573spokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photos-_0575spokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photos-_0574spokane-manito-park-green-house-amy-stone-photography-6-month-old-family-photos-_0576


Photographing Seniors outdoors is one of my favorite things. Since living in Spokane a friend of mine has introduced me to Bowl and Pitcher. Whenever I am at this park I feel like I discover a new area every time. I look forward to coming her many times over this summer.

Lily is such a beautiful person she told me that she just didn’t know what to do in front of the camera but every time I took a picture I couldn’t get enough. Lily you are totally a natural and you have nothing to worry about! Girl you rocked it!

Thank you for allowing me to capture this time in your life. I am excited to follow your journey.



Today I am featuring My Main Squish. This simple small shop from etsy you will be able to find unique designs for shirts and also adorable sweat pants and leggings. Here is more from Whitney and Kennedy. Make sure you head on over to their shop and check them out.


Tell me a little bit about yourself, who you are, what your company is: 

Hello! We are Whitney and Kennedy. We are the owners of My Main Squish and we are also sister in laws, our husbands are brothers. We are both born and raised in Utah. Whitney has three little boys and a chocolate lab. I have a daughter and a mini Australian shepherd.  Our company is comfortable and cute kids clothing and also beanies and bows.


What happened in your life that helped your decision to actually create a small business?

We were on an annual family camping trip and Whitney and I were talking and decided that we could start making some beanies for our little ones. Then the idea expanded to shirts, leggings, sweatpants and bows. We both have bought clothing from small businesses and both had a hard time putting a whole outfit together by just looking at a shirt or a pair of pants separately when the shop has so many options. So we went into it with the idea of coming up with a whole outfit. So our costumers could either buy the whole outfit how we styled it or in separate pieces.


Where do you find inspiration:
We find our inspiration from our own children. My little girl loves cats and wears her cat ears around the house always. That is where we got the inspiration to make our “Meow” shirt. Whitney’s little boys love to be outside and her oldest has taken up snowboarding. That is where we got the inspiration to do the “Snowface” tee. Everything that we make is something we will dress our own kids in.




What is your favorite part about your small business? What is the most exciting part about what you do?
Our favorite part so far is seeing how our costumers put together our pieces and hearing their feedback. Some style it how we have and some have totally changed it up, and we absolutely love seeing that!  We are both summer girls so we are so excited to come out with fun and new styles for the warmer months! Bring on the pineapples and anchors!!



Working with Katie from KS Hair is always a dream she is magic with hair. So if you are ever needing a loose simple up-do or color magic give her a message cause she is so amazing! I love that I found someone in Spokane that I could connect with in this area. We truly share the same vision on things and when you have that its GOLD.

We connected with Amanda and she seriously killed it for this shoot. She moves ever so slightly and I couldn’t get enough photographing her. Thank you girl for braving the cold!

Showing you all some more ideas for a romantic hairstyle that you can use as a bride or bridesmaid. For this look Katie did two braids with a knotted ponytail.


Adding a fur coat for some warmth is such a great touch for those winter weddings.spokane-washington-amy-stone-photography-knotted-pony-briad-hairstyle-inspiration-photosspokane-washington-amy-stone-photography-knotted-pony-briad-hairstyle-inspiration-photosspokane-washington-amy-stone-photography-knotted-pony-briad-hairstyle-inspiration-photosspokane-washington-amy-stone-photography-knotted-pony-briad-hairstyle-inspiration-photosspokane-washington-amy-stone-photography-knotted-pony-briad-hairstyle-inspiration-photosspokane-washington-amy-stone-photography-knotted-pony-briad-hairstyle-inspiration-photosspokane-washington-amy-stone-photography-knotted-pony-briad-hairstyle-inspiration-photosspokane-washington-amy-stone-photography-knotted-pony-briad-hairstyle-inspiration-photosspokane-washington-amy-stone-photography-knotted-pony-briad-hairstyle-inspiration-photos


Model: Amanda