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Pretty in Pink, Chubby Cheeks | Lucia Morales

As soon as I saw that Cristina put on her Facebook that she was expecting. My heart jump up and down with excitement. It is so fun to see a family growing. I photographed Cristina and David’s wedding when I first moved to California and to now have the privilege to photograph their precious baby girl. It honestly made me want to shed some tears of joy.

The Morales family just has a special place in my heart for them. They are so sweet and kind and I will always laugh when photographing them their humor is so contagious.

You have got to love those sweet chubby legs. My heart melts.

Christina seeing you as a mother is the most priceless thing EVER. You are doing such a fabulous job. And your love just pours over like honey for your baby Lucia

To baby Lucia I can’t wait to see more of your beauty to come!


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