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Owen Family | Manhattan Beach, California

I just woke up from a little cat nap… Got to take it while I can while Hayley sleeps. And even just a few minutes makes me feel a little refreshed so I can get somethings done. I’m just starting to get used to the schedule with my little girl. I feel like she is starting to do a lot better in taking naps and sleeping more in the night. Phew… It is a big relief for me. Because I still need to work and I need the energy to do it. I have always been a person that doesn’t do well with no sleep. So the first couple weeks were extremely hard for me. But I’m getting more sleep now so we have ONE HAPPY Mommy and WIFE 🙂


Here is the Owen family. I thought I would do something different and show all Black and White this time. I really do love Black and White photos I feel like it shows a different side to a photo.



This little girl was so adorable showing off her cooking skills for us.



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