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Introducing Melissa Biron…
She is my Oldest sister who lives in Sherman Oaks, California. 
She is a Mary Kay consultant and amazing at it if I have to say so myself. If you ever need your make-up done for a wedding, portrait shoot, or any kind of event you should give her a call. She does a fabulous job making your inner beauty come out! She did all of the Bridesmaids in the wedding that I did for David and Jessica in N.J. and the make-up for Marina. You can click on the links in the name and you will be able to see the work that Melissa has done for my clients. Then click on the photos and it will enlarge it so that you can see the make-up better.
I love working with her she makes everything so much fun and really pays attention to you individually. 
So if you ever want to hire or buy some Mary Kay product you can contact her at… 

All I have to say is that you are so adorable!

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