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Kisses, Splashing, Pool

Since being in Idaho for the big Family vacation. We have had a ton of fun! It has been so nice to get away and just BE with family. Doing what I love best with my sisters. Putting the sunscreen on and grabbing a Hanna Montana towel (yup that’s right I said Hanna Montana. Didn’t even realize I had that towel. But I rocked it out!) then taking a little stroll to the beach. But this beach is definitely not like a California beach it is full of big and medium size rocks. So as soon as you lay your towel down you have to wiggle your body around like a worm to find a comfortable spot. Shaina and I have been taking full advantage of our sun time together. It is quite funny because every time we get back we have a story of something that happened. Oh…all the good memories…even the older gentlemen in his black speedo.

On Wednesday we pulled out the kiddy pool. Jon used up all his air and dad and I filled it with some hot tap water while the hose was filling it up. Connor and Leonidas both just LOVE the water so they were quite happy to be playing in the pool. I always laugh when Connor splashes and then the water goes directly on his face. So I was quite happy when I got a picture of the water just about to soak his face.

Connor is always giving Kisses so when Dad (Grandpa) lifted him up to see the Dolphin the first thing he did was give it a kiss.

Love this moment of Sharing.

We just had to get a picture of the Dolphin doing its thing. Even though this moment was seconds long the kids started to cry right afterwards. We all couldn’t help but laugh.


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