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Introducing : The Breed Kids

As they pulled up next the Descanso Gardens entrance Angelica was waving Hi AMY and then opened the van door to reveal her beautiful children. Bobby looked at me and didn’t say a thing but just walked up to his mom shyly looking around. Then came Angie and the first thing I noticed was her stunning blue eyes. Soon after Bobby got the courage to shake my hand and introduced his self. Jeremiah came next in his stroller and had his eyes wide open ready to go.

We started off in the Rose garden and even though they are not in bloom at the moment the area is still gorgeous. One thing about the Descanso Gardens is that there are so many photo opportunities.

I hope you all enjoy this family as much as I do….



I asked Bobby to show me some poses and he started to dance around and Angie just started to laugh so hard…I LOVE IT

Brought out the Lens baby to have some fun with the stars in the water



This is Angie…She is just so sweet. I give her all props because she is a part of a group that runs marathons and it is something like 28 miles….ya I envy her….I would one day love to do that but as of now I don’t think that is happening anytime soon.


This is Bobby…he is so funny! He just kept on putting a smile on my face. You could tell he just wanted to climb on things and explore…but his parents had a talk with him before saying not to get his white shirt all dirty. Oh the joy of BOYS!


There was a moment where my heart just melted when Angie was holding Jeremiah and whispered I love you so much.


This is Jeremiah all I can say is ADORABLE


This is my all time FAVORITE

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