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Fun in the Sand, Winter Hats, and Chu Chu Trains

I feel so bad because I have fallen behind on blogging my clients photos. So be prepared for lots of photos coming your way! Kinda makes me excited like opening presents on Christmas day.

First family is the Salsburey Family. I have had the privilege of photographing this family before and I have got to say they are super fun. Gavin is growing up so fast. Starting to say tons of words. It just to cute. 

We went to the Buena Vista Library right here in Burbank, CA. They have a playground and some cool architect.

The Salsburey’s bought these hats in Portland, OR. I love it when my clients bring props makes taking photos fun!
Salsburey 2813

I think this photo is sweet
Salsburey 2772

Salsburey 2839

Then we moved to the big grassy field

Salsburey 2137

I have to explain this photo. Gavin was throwing some leaves in the air. I was trying not to laugh while taking this photos. He was so intrigued.
Salsburey 2188


Salsburey 2065

Gavin is a huge Train and Truck Fan

Salsburey 2387


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