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First Christmas Away From Home

Yesterday was my first Christmas without flying to Washington to be home with my family. Was it hard? YES!!!!!

It is just not the same waking up in a house by yourself. Not able to see my Mom and Dad in the morning and giving them a huge wishing them a Merry Christmas. Making espresso and french toast with my mom and my sisters. Doing a little Christmas dance before we get things started. Ya it was just not the same. But I am so blessed to have people in my life that just love to be with one another for Christmas. My friend Marina came to my house in the morning. I had made cinnamon rolls the night before. So those were rising all night. Then we made them in the morning. Also I made her a hazelnut/white chocolate latte and she was in love. It was so nice just to have her with me for the day. To share in my families traditions for the morning.

Then Josh came over a little later we ate breakfast and opened presents from my parents and Melissa and Jon.
Then headed over to Josh’s parents house to spend Christmas with them. It was just a relaxing day playing games, watching movies, and eating some dinner.

I am so looking forward to seeing all my family in January…time to count down the days!!!!

Here is a cell phone picture of Marina and I spending some time at my place 🙂



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