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Family photo time = a crazy time!

Everyone is together finally. Requested by my mom Family photos was a MUST! Scheduled for Thursday wait, Friday was the final decision us girls were so not ready.

For the babies schedules I knew it was going to be difficult to get everything together. Since everyday has been different leading up to Friday with their naps. One would sleep or they would sleep at the same time. So as soon as Friday came I was praying that everything would be okay and they would get there morning and afternoon nap in so that they would be ready for all the craziness.

While they were sleeping everyone was getting their last minute touches on. Since we were all on vacation. I knew that wardrobe was going to be super causal. I guess that does best show off our family anyways. (Note to self I should have probably have sent out an email to everyone to let them know what kinda clothes to wear.) Oh well. I guess I will be better prepared for us next time. Sorry everyone.

I was thinking about it and why is it that I am super prepared for my own clients but when it comes to my family and photos I am not. And why is it way harder to photograph your own family?

Maybe because when I ask Dylan to change his green shirt so that he is not camouflaged with the grass. I get feed-back from him saying. “You aren’t asking anyone else to change their shirts!” At least there is one person in the family that wants there photo taken. DAD – saying, “Amy OVER HERE, OVER HERE!” as he is sitting upon this huge dinosaur sculpture. Or him holding his grandsons wanting a billion photos.

Well. Even through all the craziness everything always works out well. And I just know since there were babies that I would be moving fast to get all the little shots and then the final big family one.

Thank you Dylan for changing your shirt from me. You are a trooper. 🙂

Grandma and Grandpa with the little-one’s

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa with the little-one’s. This was the first time that they have been able to meet Leonidas. They were in love with him.

Some more first time ever meeting cousin moments. Love them!

If you don’t know my dad. This is what he does with every baby! He had to have a photo with them doing his trade-mark.


To my Mom and Dad. I love you sooo much! And am Super grateful for the awesome family vacation that we were able to spend together! And I am glad that we were able to do the family photos. They will always be treasured. 

And here is the final photo. Yes it did take us multiple times to get it. We had to have the Great Grandma and Grandpa stand by the camera to make the little one at least look that direction. While I ran into my spot and we waited for the shutter to go off. As everyone is saying,”Okay everyone get ready, Smile! And look at the camera this time!”


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