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Connor Day 4…

Day 4 of Connor being born. 
Yesterday was such a nice relaxing restful day for everyone. Connor was eating well peeing, pooping and just movin around. 
Today he gets to go to the Doctor’s and have his first check up since venturing out into this world. 
And today I leave to go back home to my hubby. Can’t wait to see him that’s for sure. But I am sure going to miss hearing all of Connor’s little sounds. And even his cry when he is hungry 🙂 I love that sound.
I am so grateful that I was here to be apart of everything it has been so much fun.

Here are some last photos that I took this morning before they left for there appointment. 

I have the cutest nephew!


By the way he has been holding his head up since DAY 1 He is such a strong little dude 


I will end with this one….OMG it makes me laugh so hard…Shaina said it looks like he is saying, ” Punch it!” This was a nice little goodbye photo…thank you Connor you know what to do to make me laugh 🙂


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